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As a business owner, whether seasoned or start-up, do understand the importance of building and maintaining consumer relations and connecting your brand with prospective customers. Social media is a very powerful and cost effective tool that gives you an opportunity to educate the consumer, increase visibility, and make a quick connect with a friend and/or follower, at anytime. Social media used for marketing helps validate your brand. As a small company or business owner a strong social media presence, when implemented effectively, has the power to increase and retain customer loyalty.

Even-though social media is an excellent way to relay information to the mass public, it should not replace the face to face contact required for establishing and maintaining meaningful consumer relations. Social media actually lack the emotional connection associated with a new and exciting product and/or service, it sometimes tend to promote and at times convey unauthentic expression of Feelings. Join our business network BP500. Our business network is a virtual environment designed to connect subscribers of our production magazine with Service Providers. Our goal is for everyone on our social media platform to create long lasting mutually beneficial relations. Take a look at the features on our site and see how it can help you grow your clientele base while making a connection with other Subscribers of our Production Magazine.

  1. Digital marketing – users can create their own ads in posts and the side bar.
  2. Post reactions – Likes dislikes and comments can give you a feel for a product and/or service.
  3. Client retention – Create and manage groups pages and live events.
  4. Content preservation – Upload and stream videos files and music.
  5. Story creation – Create stories publish images and video about your unique product and/or service.
  6. Communication – Communicate with your audience blog posts, forums and sell items right on our online marketplace.
  7. Connect – Connect with other Subscribers and Service Providers nearby using longitude and latitude GPS technology.
  8. Rewards system – Generate points by liking, commenting and creating posts.
  9. Gift system – Gift Subscribers with discount on products and services right on our platform.

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Brian R Connell – C.E.O. of Batal Productions.

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