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10161 Park Run Drive, Las Vegas Nevada 89145

Welcome to the Big Ceo Muk Show. The Big Ceo Muk show Is a promotional business event that will be scheduled at a local venue near you within the 50 states, starting with the city of Las Vegas, in sunny Nevada. The goal of our event is to further connect subscribers of our production magazine, with participating service providers in their local community, which will consist of a combination of business owners and service professionals. At the Big Ceo Muk business event, our entertainment will consist of a combination of live performances, D.J., comedy, an our long presentation from our featured quarterly service provider and Caribbean styled food served, for V.I.P. members only. To register as a monthly V.I.P. verified subscriber of our production magazine, simply create an account, right on our business network B.P.500. Along with our production magazine and business networking platform, as a featured service provider, you will be afforded the opportunity to educate our V.I.P. subscribers in an open ended styled face to face question and answer session, after your value of your services presentation. Since if not all then a majority of V.I.P., attendees and performers will be verified subscribers of our production magazine, everyone will have the opportunity to initiate contact before the show and/or maintain contact after the show through the proactive usage of our business social media platform B.P.500. The Big Ceo Muk show starts at 7pm with a live D.J., an open bar and seating of our V.I.P. guests. At or around eight pm to nine attendees can enjoy one solid hour of live comedy by some of the funniest local talent in, but not limited to, Las Vegas Nevada. From nine to ten o clock rest assured all attendees will be well entertained by our our live performances line up. Our main event will be our quarterly featured service provider value of service presentation, after wards our guests will be in great hands and enjoy the rest of the night with music from our live D.J.Live performances are open to participating Service Providers of The Blac & Bleu Book only, unless you were hired as a service entertainment professional. After becoming a Service provider as a musician, business professional or Entertainment Professional, Upload your audio to the Big Ceo Muk Show audio stream and share with the community. Your audio performance on our audio streaming platform is a critically determining factor as to whether you will be allowed to perform, as well as feature on the cover of our quarterly issue of the Blac & Bleu Book. Creating an account is free with limited space. Feel free to go premium at anytime. Our big event is scheduled for November seventh two thousand nineteen. Pre reservation tickets are on sale now via our crowd funding site Zakir Zakat. Our goal is to raise ten thousand dollars to cover the cost of the Venue, hiring entertainment, security as well as  our food food service. Visit our business network and participate in our poll as to where you like our Venue to be hosted and we will work alongside their upper management to make it happen. Come out and enjoy a night out with the best in business professional consulting, comedy, live music and performances alongside great food and most importantly with other Verified Subscribers and Service providers of our Production Magazine, The Blac & Bleu Book.

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